Sheri again had a busy program in London in April 2017

Sheri presented a seminar for medical practitioners in London, on the potential of people with Down syndrome on the 1st April 2017.  The aim of the training was to develop new perspectives and skills in medical practitioners to assist people with Down syndrome”.  It was presented by Belmatt Healthcare Training.

Sheri also did a keynote address at a conference of the Royal Society of Medicine in London on 5 April 2017.

The third stop was with Dr Carla Startin of the London University College, who again did research on Sheri’s cells to learn about differences in cellular function, which could point the way to new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease in 2017.

With dr Carla Startin of London University College

Sheri with Aneetha and Anna-Sophia Van die Colff of London, who attended the training session.

At Belmatt Healthcare Training


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