Full feature on Sheri Brynard in Kids Nation Magazine

The international magazine, Kids Nation did a full feature on Sheri in March 2017.  This was the third time the magazine did a feature on her.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

“I was part of a family who each has their own dreams and we all worked hard to try to make these dreams come true. I followed my sisters’ example – the never give up on any dream that was important to them.

My sisters taught me not to feel sorry for myself and to focus on what I could do, not on what was out of my reach. They taught me that I would never know what my abilities are, until I try to stretch my boundaries and leave my comfort zone.

To give up, was no option in our house. To sleep less, to pray more and to keep on trying was the only example I had and the only way I knew. I failed all my subjects the year my father died. I could not concentrate and I missed him terribly. In the years that followed, I also failed some of my subjects more than once because of the amount of work and the difficulty of these subjects. My mother and sisters enfolded me with love and they always seemed to be proud of me. They focused on the marks I got and not on the marks I failed to get. They always believed in my abilities.

My family did not expect me to pass at the college, but they did expect me to do my best. When I was studying I thought my mother believed that I would be able to pass, but her tears when she saw my last results illustrated to me that she was never sure that I would actually pass. She never put pressure on me to pass, only to do my best. But I did put pressure on myself because everyone in our family seemed to be successful in what they did.

But you know I also wanted my family to be proud of me. I was always so proud of them, it was so important for me that they should also be proud of me. When I was successful in anything, they were so happy and proud and I felt so important and special. I think the love of my family was my biggest motivation.”

Read the full article here:


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