about sheri

Sheri Brynard gives meaning to her life by trying to change people’s perceptions about people with Down syndrome in South Africa and abroad.

  • She is also an international ambassador for all people with Down syndrome.  She truly believes that all people have the ability to choose to make the best of their circumstances and she is the living example of that.
  • She is the only qualified person with Down syndrome with a tertiary teachers diploma (without any concessions made) in South Africa and the first in the world.
  • She is currently working full time as an assistant teacher at Lettie Fouche School for people with disabilities.
  • Apart from the more than 650 public speeches she has presented in South Africa and abroad, she did a keynote speech at the International Down Syndrome Conference in 2015 in Chennai, India and she also addressed the last International Down Syndrome Conference in Glasgow in Scotland in 2018.
  • Sheri has also had the privilege to address the Oxford Education Symposium in London in 2014 and again in 2018. In 2018 she also addressed World Congress on Special Needs at the Cambridge University. She also had the privilege to address the Self-Advocacy Conference in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations Offices in 2017 and she also addressed a Down syndrome conference in the United Nations building in New York in 2012.
  • Sheri has also appeared on South African national television when she addressed the State President and she has been invited as guest on many shows on television, the latest being and interview with Minki on Via.  She has also had the opportunity to play in a TV production, Binnelanders, a few times.  In New Zealand she was interviewed on the “Good morning New Zealand” a national TV-program. They invited her after she addressed community and school functions in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zeeland.
  • She has met Oprah and has consequently been featured in the “O” magazine.  She has furthermore been featured in national and international media more than 155 times.
  • A documentary about her life was shown in Belgium early in 2017.
  • Shéri is proud that she was invited by the London University College, to be part of the LonDown project on Down syndrome, in London.  Some scientists working on the project are famous for being part of the team that first sequenced chromosome 21 and is now doing cellular research using cells from people with DS, which could point the way to new treatments for problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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