• Shéri wrote a book about her life. It was a proposal by Maretha Maartens, motivated with wise insight after hours of discussions with Shéri, that convinced Lux Verbi of the idea. Lux Verbi then commissioned Colleen Naudé to write the manuscript. The book will be launched in Afrikaans and English on 14 October 2017  in Cape Town.
  • Sheri will speak at a gala dinner to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Western Cape Organisation who assists people with disabilities in the Western Cape on the 7th of September. Her book will also be launched at this function for the first time.
  • Sheri is invited to address a National Conference of the Woman Agricultural Union in Pretoria, on the 27 September and many more invitations all over South Africa.
  • 14 October: Sheri’s book launch for the public in Cape Town. She will address the Alta du Toit-center in Bellville.
  • Sheri’s book will be launched in Bloemfontein on the 19th October.
  • 20 October: Sheri is asked to address the SAICA Conference in the Alpine Health Resort in the Drakensberg.
  • Sheri is also invited to address a function of the NG Church in Danabaai, Eastern Cape and also to launch her book in the Eastern Cape on the 4th of November.
  • She is invited to be guest speaker at the MACE (Marketing, Advancement & Communication in Education) National Congress in Johannesburg on 30 November.
  • Then another great opportunity for Sheri will be when she will give a testimony at the Christmas ceremony at an outside amphitheatre in Hartenbos, which can accommodate a few thousand people on the 25th


  • Sheri addressed the Self Advocacy Conference in at the United Nations Office Geneva, Palais des Nations, during March 2017.  The call to action is “Enabling people with Down syndrome to speak up, be heard and influence government policy and action, to be fully included in the community.”
  • Sheri was invited and presented a workshop organized by the Belmatt Healthcare Training group, during April 2017. The attendants will receive CPD points.
  • Sheri did a key note speech at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on 5 April 2017.
  • Sheri was invited and addressed the National conference of the ATKV (Afrikaans language and culture organization) on 23/24 May 2017.
  • Sheri delivered a key note speech at the 10th World nursing and healthcare Conference in Berlin, Germany on 11 July 2017.
  • After a very successful two person show, at the Free State Art Festival in 2016, Sheri was invited by the organizers, and played in a highly successful flagship production during the same festival from 18-22 July 2017.
  • A full feature in the international magazine: Kids Nation. April 2017. This was the third time she appeared.