An international ambassador for people with Down syndrome

Shéri Brynard (40 years old) of South Africa is the only person with Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) who has a tertiary teacher’s diploma (in Educare), without any amendments been made to the course (or special assistance), in South Africa. This was achieved in spite of the fact that her lectures and her study material was only provided in English, her second language. She is also an international ambassador for all people with Down syndrome, chosen by Down syndrome international (DSi) and she meets with the international ambassadors from other countries once a month virtually. She truly believes that all people have the responsibility to endeavour to make the best of their circumstances and she is a living example thereof.

Sheri has also been chosen by her Down syndrome peers as their official South African spokesperson (chairman) for a term of four years. She serves as the South African representative on the Down Syndrome International adult group, who meets every month.