Research & Projects

Sheri is proud to be part of the following research programmes and projects: 

Shéri has been part of research (by the LonDownS consortium) in London for the last 7 years. They did research to investigate differences in cognitive functions in people with Down syndrome and the possible genetic and biological reasons for these differences. Cognitive markers of preclinical and prodromal Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome were also investigated.

In 2019/21 Shéri assisted the LonDownS team at King’s College to start with new research on people with Down syndrome, where more invasive methods were used. She underwent a lumbar punch and they drew her blood. In 2021 the researchers did an MRI scan of her brain, to help future generations of people with and without Down syndrome; to find a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Research in 2022


Sheri is invited and will take part in the following research study: Dr Dan Gordon at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK) on the MinDSets research study in collaboration with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

Londowns Project 

Sheri was used for interviews for research, that run alongside the LonDownS project, to hear from people with Down syndrome about their views on aging and healthcare, on the 16th March. She will again go to London in November for the research on Alzheimer’s on her physically and cognitively.

Chime Project 

Sheri again had a number of virtual meetings, being part of the steering committee of the Chime Project, sponsored by the “Bill & Melinda Gates foundation”. The purpose of this work is to develop an intervention of the Special Olympics to expand the reach of its maternal and child health programs in conjunction with the UAE (most recent host of the special Olympics Games).

Unstoppable Project 

SADA, being recognized as the ‘voice in the disability sector’ in South Africa, proposes that the UNSTOPPABLE Project become a flagship for disability advocacy. They also want to look at the possibility of leveraging this as an income generator for their organization which will help keep them sustainable to continue their efforts.