Her achievements have been myriad. Shéri has written a book about her life that was published by Lux Verbi in English and Afrikaans. She is a co-presenter of her own radio show, on Med FM in Bloemfontein and was interviewed on radio stations such as RSG, Radio Pulpit and Radio Pretoria FM.

She is part of a team that attends webinars bi-weekly to prepare children with intellectual disabilities physically, for a better life (Chime project). This is an initiative of the Paralympics committee, funded by Bill Gates.

In 2020 and 2021 Sheri played a role in the TV soapy “Married to Rugby”, which again changed the perceptions about people with intellectual disabilities. She also performed the main role in two different stage dramas at the Free State Arts Festival on the Campus of the University Free State and in the Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch. 

In 2017 She was invited to play in a flag production “Extra chromosomes is not cool’ on the fringe of the Free State Art Festival. It addressed the fact that all people are different.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shéri was appointed in an ad hoc position at the University of the Free State to assist the different role players in a project to motivate learners of disadvantaged schools in the Free State. The project was terminated due to the pandemic. However, she is still planning to address learners and staff of disadvantaged schools when the opportunity presents itself.

Sheri presents motivational speeches all over the world, virtually and in person and strives to change negative perceptions about people with Down syndrome. She actively advocates for the rights of all people with any disadvantage to be afforded the same opportunities they would have had if they were more privileged.

She has an impressive curriculum vitae to show. All this is a tribute to a resilient and courageous woman who, despite her intellectual disability,  lives a full life and is an example for others.