Sheri Brynard did and will hopefully be doing the following advocacy work in 2022, depending on the Coronavirus. Sheri has been appointed by the University of the Free State, on ad hoc basis, to address learners of different disadvantaged schools, as a motivational speaker. She will become part of their initiative, to help disadvantaged children in rural schools.

International 2022

  • Sheri presented a speech on inclusive education in South Africa on International Down syndrome day in New York on 21 March.
  • Sheri’s presentation was part for a group session, presented by Downs syndrome international on International Down syndrome day in Geneva, on Inclusion. Sheri acted as moderator for the first session in Geneva, introducing the speakers

National 2022 

  • January: Sheri did an interview with Ds Jannie Smith, Charmain of the Aurora Clinic in Bloemfontein, on the role of abuse in society, on her program on MdFM.
  • 8 February: Sheri Brynard addressed two groups of students of the third-year medical students of the University Free State.
  • February: Sheri did an interview with Charmaine Swart who works for the Pregnancy Crisis Centre of Hope in Bloemfontein, on her program on MdFM.
  • Sheri did a video interview with the virtual magazine, Food for Mzansi, Health for Mzansi and Agri careers
  • Sheri did an interview on Med FM with Dr Dorothy Russell, who does wonderful work on the stimulations of children with Down syndrome.
  • Susette and Sheri did an interview on Radio Pulpit during the week of 21 March.
  • An interview on RSG was also broadcasted on 20 March, about the reaction of peers on a child with Down syndrome.
  • Sheri did an interview on Radio Rosestad on international Down syndrome day on 22 March
  • Sheri flew on her own to Cape Town to give two presentations at the Mowbray school on 23 March
  • Sheri did interviews on her own program on MedFM with Jeanne Pieterse, teacher of learners with Down syndrome.
  • Sheri interviewed a representative of the Biokinetics society in Bloemfontein MedFM. She will try to find out how they are helping people with disabilities, especially people with Down syndrome.
  • Sheri gave two presentations to an inclusive independent school, Olive Learning Centre in Cape Town, on the 23 March as part of their international Down syndrome celebrations. She will fly there on her own, without assistance, like always.
  • Sheri does a virtual motivational presentation at the World Down syndrome awareness Day of the UNISA Cape Town Campus
  • Sheri will address the Carletonville School for learners with special Education Needs face to face on 28 May, on their 50th
  • Sheri will address a fund raising of a congregation in Kimberley on 3 September.