Cancelled Events 

The following events were cancelled in London:

  • March, 21: Sheri was invited to address a day event, presented by the LonDownS consortium in Central London.
  • March 23-25 March: Sheri would have done a keynote at the Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium. They would have given Sheri a Scholarship to attend the Spring Session.
  • 26 March: Sheri received an invitation from Putney High School for girls, to address the learners. “As a Girls school, we are constantly looking for inspirational women to come and speak to our girls. I think the sixth form girls could learn a lot from hearing Sheri Brynard speak”.
  • 30/31 March: Sheri would again have been part of the research done at the King’s College University to improve the quality of life of people with Down syndrome, especially regarding Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers of King’s College University would again have drawn blood and do an MRI scan on Sheri, as part of their research to find a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease.